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    Our mission is to provide tailored training, prep, and insight to equip business-minded students who are vying for a spot in the top MBA B-schools, in a highly competitive market, with the necessary infrastructure to have the best possible chance at success in their applications.


    Since 1996, we have successfully placed over 1,700 students into the top 15 MBA schools in the United States and Europe.


    Our expertise is based on understanding and deciphering Brazilian students' academic and professional background and addressing their needs to excel on standardized testing and in the most challenging MBA admissions processes.

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    commitment to excellence



    The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) promotes high ethical standards and professional development amongst graduate admissions consultants, increases public understanding of graduate admissions consulting, and enhances communication with complementary organizations and entities.


    We uphold these best practices to provide you with highest quality service - always.

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    making the difference


    With 17 years in MBA Admissions, Professor Paulo Cesar has developed a unique methodology to guide and maximize the process of admissions of Brazilians, which has rendered him a track record of approvals into schools such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Wharton, and other top 15's. Contact us for more information.

    Preparatory Courses

    Philadelphia Consulting has administered courses to over 2,000 students, offering comprehensive TOEFL and GMAT programs to build test content knowledge, develop reasoning, foster concentration, and consolidate strategy and performance.

    Interview Development

    In the final step of the application process, many students fail to provide a well-developed and transparent MBA interview. Our methodology has helped students present the best possible profile and fit during their meetings with school representatives. More information by clicking here.


    B-Schools have begun accepting video essays as part of the application process. We have designed a tailored solution to address the needs of students for professional video editing for submission. Click here for more information.

    Passion and Focus

    Our commitment and desire to provide our students with a personalized and top-quality service began many years ago. The gratification from seeing a student's excited smile once accepted is still the key driver for our work.

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    personal touch

    Dr. Paulo Cesar Moraes Oliveira

    Head MBA Admissions Consultant


    Life Motto: “Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice."

    Loves: Dating his wife, visiting his son and daughter, traveling, praying!

    Neusa M.S. Moraes Oliveira, M.Sc.

    Education Director

    Certified Translator


    Life Motto: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

    Loves: grammar, reading, creating, running, family moments!

    Mateo Chang

    Host of the MBA Wire 

    TOEFL iBT Teacher

    Admissions Interview Coach


    Life motto: "Inspire. Dream. Persist. Achieve."

    Loves: his sons, sushi, pizza, and good beer

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    we have answers


    The Journey

    Paulo Cesar explains the steps you will need to take throughout your MBA application journey. Kind of like a GPS. But better. If you know your destination, then you can pave the best route to get there!



    Over 20 years of experience teaching and prepping students for their proficiency tests. Here's Paulo Cesar with some tips on maximizing your score to its full potential.


    Your MBA Interview

    Mateo talks about the final stage of your application and the importance of performing well. Want to learn more? We have an online video course for you @ www.yourmbainterview.com 


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    Harvard Class of 2017

    "Philadelphia’s support was decisive for my conquest. They have a unique expertise to help Brazilians maximize the process."

    Chicago Booth Class of 2017

    "Starting with the unparalleled coaching during the GMAT program and then fully understanding my profile, Philadelphia provided significant insights into my life and how I want it to unfold."

    Michigan Ross Class of 2018

    "My odds for a top school were maximized by Philadelphia team!! Special thanks to Paulo Cesar, who believed in me."

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    Finance your MBA

    Prodigy Finance is a borderless marketplace that provides a platform where alumni invest in students at the world's top business schools.







    You are the STAR!

    MBA Talent is a combined force of the best in the business created to provide candidates with an efficient and customizable application journey.

    Website coming soon!


    Non-profit Institution

    A Fundação Estudar é uma instituição sem fins lucrativos que oferece estudo, carreira e inspiração a jovens brasileiros.

    Confere o video do Paulo Cesar: http://bit.ly/2cB3yqK


    One podcast closer to your MBA

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    Cjs. 406 | 411
    Office hours: Mon-Fri | 10am-5pm
    Group courses are held at night
    +55.11.3277.3666 | 3277.2999
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