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  • Our mission is to provide tailored training, prep, and insight to equip business-minded students who are vying for a spot in the top MBA B-schools, in a highly competitive market, with the necessary infrastructure to have the best possible chance at success.



    Our expertise is based on understanding and deciphering Brazilian students' academic and professional background and addressing their needs to excel on standardized testing and in the most challenging MBA admissions processes. Our 18-year track record has enabled us to develop an unmatched methodology.


    The leading center for the Brazilian community

    Operating since 1996, Philadelphia Consulting has successfully placed over 1,600 students in the top 15 MBA schools in the United States and Europe.

    Preparatory Courses

    Philadelphia Consulting has administered courses to over 2.000 students, offering what we believe to be the best curriculum to maximize students’ abilities to take the TOEFL and GMAT tests.


    After an initial period of two and a half years of extensive research into the Brazilian cognitive educational development and on the basis of his dissertation on critical reasoning development, published in the periodical Home School Research (July/95), and filed in the American Educational Department/ERIC database, Professor Paulo César and his wife Neusa have devised comprehensive TOEFL and GMAT programs to build test content knowledge, develop reasoning, foster concentration, and consolidate strategy and performance.

    Educational Advising

    Advising students in their academic pursuit and career development has been a major component of the American Educational System. Several university courses and even majors are devoted entirely to this subject. Professor Paulo César has both studied this discipline during his doctoral program and worked directly with advising at the Bob Jones Testing Center Department, both in the USA, where he lived for 8 years.



    Having directly worked with MBA Admissions for the last 15 years, and member of the AIGAC (http://aigac.org/), international association that defines and promotes excellence in serving applicants, Professor Paulo Cesar has developed a unique methodology to guide and maximize the process of admissions of Brazilians, which has rendered him a track record of over 1500 approvals into the top schools, including 42 admissions at Stanford, 82 admissions at Harvard, 107 admissions at Chicago, 111 admissions at Wharton, 121 admissions at Kellogg, etc.


    Steps to Success

    It begins with you.


    All of our work starts with fully understanding the academic and professional experience of the candidate, discussing career progression, future plans and investments, and aligning all expectations to realistic goals and academic program.


    Further information on our GMAT and TOEFL preparatory courses as well as MBA Admissions and Application services can be obtained directly from our personnel by calling the school.

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    Excellence in Admissions Consulting

    Dr. Paulo César Moraes Oliveira

    Head MBA Admissions Consultant


    He earned his Doctorate of Education from Bob Jones University. His doctoral program culminated with in-depth studies on Critical Reasoning Development, involving analyses of several achievement tests while writing his dissertation.


    After earning his degree, he worked as an education consultant at the BJU Testing Services, administering tests and advising students in their educational development.


    In Brazil, Dr. Paulo Oliveira has had extensive experience in advising students in the application process for international universities as well as in training students to master the English language both for admission tests and academic purposes.

    Neusa M.S. Moraes Oliveira, M.Sc.

    Chief Foundational Professor
    MBA Admissions Consultant


    She obtained her Bachelor’s of English and Classical Greek from Grace College and her Master’s of Science in Educational Human Resources from Bob Jones University, both in the United States.


    In Brazil, Neusa did postgraduate work both in Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of English as a Second Language at PUC, and in Business Administration at FGV. She also earned her Official Translator title in 2000. Her advising and English teaching activities began in 1995.


    Neusa's passion for grammar and for the English language has been her main inspiration to help students improve their performance on proficiency tests, as well as to impact them to become more efficient users of the English language for life. She is responsible for Philadelphia Consulting's teaching methodology.


    Mateo Chang

    Host of the MBA Wire | TOEFL Teacher | Editor | Admissions Interview Coach


    A native English speaker raised in Los Angeles, CA, he is a full-time professional translator/interpreter and is specialized in Psychology at San Diego Mesa College and Accounting at PUC-SP.


    He has extensive working experience in various industries, including automotive, real estate, textile manufacturing, management, marketing and global shipping services.


    Today, he is the creator and host of the MBA Wire, a free podcast for candidates on their MBA journeys, head teacher of the TOEFL Foundational Course, an Admissions Interview Coach and Editor/Reviser at Philadelphia Consulting.

  • Introspect

    The Man in the Arena
    -Theodore Roosevelt

    The Man in the Arena
    -Theodore Roosevelt

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

  • Listen as Paulo Cesar provides valuable insights into the MBA Application Process and things you need to know before you start on your journey. 


    Find out more on the MBA Wire


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    Paulo César Moraes, PhD em educação e sócio da Philadelphia Consulting, dá dicas para você ter sucesso na sua preparação para realizar o MBA no exterior.

    O Estado de São Paulo

  • A Glimpse 

    With tailored content and years of know-how, we bring you a fully customized experience to your MBA application. 

    Watch this video on what to expect from the GMAT with Professor Paulo César (above)

    Here's an introduction to what you need to know for the TOEFL with Professor Mateo Chang




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    When numbers make the most sense.

    19 years

    Unmatched Track Record

     more than 1,700

    Approvals into Top 15

    8 years

    AIGAC Excellence in Service


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  • Experience

    Diagnostic Tests

    We need to know the exact starting point of each student to delineate a plan of study. After the diagnostic tests are taken, Professor Paulo César or Neusa will provide full feedback to guide each student accordingly. We have experienced that assessing the student thoroughly from the beginning is decisive to establish realistic goals, timeframe and provide effective coaching.




    TOEFL and GMAT Prep

    Distinguishing features of our TOEFL and GMAT Verbal programs:

    • For the last 18 years, we have studied the TOEFL and GMAT tests thoroughly, in light of the Brazilian education system, and developed a curriculum that addresses the gaps of a Brazilian candidate.
    • In the beginning of our program, students receive a master schedule, which is followed closely.
    • Classes combine lectures on the content of the tests, discussion of exercise resolution and analyses of mock tests; we also provide full guidance on the strategy to be adopted on the test day.
    • Homework schedule is provided weekly throughout the program; students will report weekly performance and receive feedback on their progression.
    • Classes are administered in group, but individualized coaching is provided throughout the process.
    • Private programs, tailored to individual timetable or needs can be developed upon request.


    FOCUS ON THE VERBAL PART (Sentence Correction/Critical Reasoning/Reading Comprehension/Analytical Writing)


    Philadelphia Consulting specialty – leading training for Brazilians

    60 hours of course work focused on the verbal part (14-18 weeks)/up to 300 hours of practice outside the classroom


    Phase 1:
    GMAT Concepts/Skills - mastering the reasoning behind every question
    type, deciphering the best approach to tackle questions. This phase
    addresses the foundational needs of students educated in the Brazilian

    system to succeed on the challenging verbal part.

    Phase 2:
    GMAT Strategies/Concept Revision - Mastering time and performance by
    taking batteries of sections of focused and varied exercises. Practice
    with individual sections and mini-tests. This phase detects knowledge
    gaps, addresses weaknesses and maximizes potential.


    Phase 3:
    GMAT Practice - Practicing with a series of complete tests – 4-hour
    practice sections for each test - (Writing/IR/Quantitative/Verbal).
    Thorough review of the verbal part with discussion of mistakes. This
    phase comprises 50% of the whole program.


    To guarantee maximization, we assess students after each phase/we will coach you in setting up the test date.


    Administered by

    - Dr. Paulo César Moraes Oliveira

    - Prof. Neusa Moraes Oliveira, Ms.S.


    Classes start monthly


    REGARDING THE MATH PART (Problem Solving/Data Sufficiency)

    At Philadelphia, we believe that because there is a broad range in the
    math background of Brazilian students, rather than proposing a set
    program, we have established partnerships with the best Math specialists
    in Brazil; each one provides his/her own methodology, yet following the
    chronogram of our Verbal course; for details on placement, hours, and
    price, please contact them directly.

    - Prof. Júlio Caro – jcaro@terra.com.br

    - Prof. Luciana Chamie – luciana.chamie@gmatbrasil.com.br

    - Prof. Nelson Pires – nelson_piresjr@yahoo.com.br

    - Prof. Fábio Skilnik – fsk@gmath.com.br


    TOEFL iBT Foundational Program 

    Reading / Listening / Speaking / Writing

    25 hours of classes (8 weeks)/ up to 100 hours of practice outside the classroom


    - All 4 areas are practiced throughout the program.

    - Lectures encompass teaching the strategy for all areas of the test, correcting exercises, and practicing drills.

    - Lectures also include the teaching and mastering of grammar, as the
    basis for development in all other 4 areas, and as foundation to be
    followed by advanced grammar in the GMAT course.

    - We will teach you the reasoning behind every question type and how to
    decipher the best approach to tackle questions successfully.

    - We will enable you to master time and performance by taking batteries
    of focused and varied exercises, and by detecting problems in each
    section and addressing weaknesses, thus maximizing your potential.

    - You will practice with batteries of complete tests and receive the due revision support in order to improve.


    Administered by

    - Mateo Chang

    - Quezia Lourenco


    Classes start monthly


    - To take our complete diagnostic tests (TOEFL and GMAT)

    - The best program for your needs is determined by assessing your level
    through the diagnostic tests. We will place you where you can best


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    Professor Paulo Cesar for ESTUDAR FORA

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    to be prepared is half the victory.

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